Date: November 1, 2019

As previously announced, Industrial Plastics Canada Ltd. is ceasing operations soon.

Industrial Plastics Canada Ltd. is wholly owned by:

Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc.,
Head Office
137 Arthur Street
Buffalo New York, USA
Phone: 716-877-7400
Fax: 716-877-0743

The Fort Erie offices are closed and all calls are being forwarded to the Prince Head Office for a period of time.

For those Canadian customers who use "Prince" Products that IPCL distributed in Canada: 6962, Panacea R3400, PP363, P-72, PT70-M, Panacea Membrane cell gaskets, etc., Prince will be pleased to continue to supply these products out of our Buffalo operations. Also , Prince will supply PolyProcessing Tanks, Milsheff Flange Covers, and Tygon tubing to the Canadian market as well. There really should be no price penalty, and in most cases probably a price advantage for our Canadian customers. Prince is very experienced in International Business and is well prepared to handle business in Canada.

Prince will not be supplying PVC pipe, valves and fittings, engineering and glazing plastic sheet rod and tube, and such items.

IPCL and Prince want to thank our loyal customers for their past support all these years (since 1953 for IPCL).